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Bespoke Applications

Having bespoke software is cheaper than you think!

When you think of having custom software made people tend to instantly think "Ooh that's expensive".  Thanks to huge advances in technology and frameworks made for developers we can deliver software much quicker by using modules and components into a framework. This means that development companies can keep costs low and pass that saving onto customers. Custom built software can cost less than £1000 and be fully functional will all the bells and whistles.

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Streamline your business!

Turn these mundane spreadsheets into figures, quotes, and processes into a fast and organized computer system. Imagine the look on your client's faces when they see how professional you are by using your own custom software package.


Ongoing support

Every website we build has the opportunity to benefit from a support package, our bespoke software comes with the same process. Once we have completed your project we can then work with you to provide you with a support contract to continue to support your bespoke application on an ongoing basis.


Access your software from anywhere ...

Imagine its a cold and snowy morning, its freezing and the kids are off school due to a closure, don't worry our bespoke software can be made so its accessible from anywhere so you can log in from home and work just as if you were in the office .. Amazing!

We can also custom the solution so your software can be hidden behind a firewall or accessible from only a VPN or from inside your office only.

Once your application has been completed and paid for you will own the software 100% and have the full rights to do with it as you wish, whether you wish to resell it or use it directly.

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"Purple Prince have been efficient and proactive in meeting all our deadlines. And there support on our commercial issues has added value to Screentec. I look forward to many more years working together "

Chris Malpus, Director of Screentec Ltd

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