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Magento Integrations

Integrate Magento .. Make your life easier!

Magento is a very powerful platform with a lot of power and flexibility. This power can be used in a very effective way to integrate into other services, for example when a customer creates an account we can make Magento create the customer in your companies CRM database, Or when an order is placed we can make the order come straight into your order management system.

We have lots of experience in Magento integrations and over the years have made Magento integrate into many systems such as Sage50, Sage200, PayPal, eBay,, and Amazon. We can also make Magento talk to pretty much any modern day system that supports an API.

Whats an API?
Don't worry, if you aren't sure what an API just give us a call on 01952 277 722 and we can help you figure things out and let you know whats possible.


Multi Channel Integration

We can make Magento integrate into your other business software that your business uses. Generally, the idea of integration is to synchronise your data into one central place to avoid having different databases for different things. This makes Magento "talk" to your software and vice versa making Magento reply to your software when it tries to "talk" back.

Magento integrations can range from very simple to pretty complicated, don't worry though because at Purple Prince we can work with the simplest all the way to the most complicated integrations. We will speak with you in English and can speak to the techies in their own language.


Warehouse Integration

When you sell products on your Magento website we can integrate so that all the data is ready and waiting for your Warehouse system meaning your Warehouse staff don't even have to log in to Magento.



Trying to manage multiple customer databases becomes a nightmare, full of inconsistencies, duplicate data and making it very hard to manage. You can integrate your Magento database into your CRM so when customers create accounts, place orders, change addresses all the data is syncronized straight away into your companies CRM.


Sage 50/Sage 200

We have developed our own integration tools for Sage 50 and Sage 200. They are both very different solutions as Sage 50 and Sage 200 are totally different products. We can synchronize customers, stock, orders, tax, categories and link everything back up to your nominal codes in Sage ... 


Once you have products online and they are selling why not use our specialist integration tool to allow your product range to be synchronized to eBay or Amazon and open your product range to a bigger audience. It sounds a lot of work but honestly, it isn't. Our tools make it easy with just a few clicks of a mouse you are up and away selling to millions of more customers .. Amazing!


Stock Management

Trying to manage stock from 2 systems isn't fun, especially when you run out of stock and 2 customers are expecting the same product. Don't worry because if you integrate Magento into your Stock Management system as soon as orders are placed online the stock is automatically deducted in Magento and then if or when a return is accepted or order canceled your stock is all syncronized.

"Purple Prince are fantastic to work with. Our company has a busy multi-channel and multi-country e-commerce website - James and his team have a straightforward approach combined with deep technical knowledge that has given solutions to every problem we have thrown at them. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone that wants to take their online presence to the next level."

Tom Coulter, Director of Couture Kingdom UK and Zentosa Ltd

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