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Your website should be a key component in your business or in some cases your website is your business.

That is why it's important that your website is always online. We run a monitoring service that checks your website is available and running quickly from over 22 locations across the world. This service comes as standard on all our support packages. You can find out about our support packages here

This allows our technicians to be alerted should a problem occur, even if its 3 AM in the morning and in the unlikely event your website goes offline you don't need to worry we will already know of the issue and have technicians on the case already to resolve things as soon as possible.

Can we monitor websites we dont host?

Yes, of course, we do this for some customers already, however, the service is sold as monitoring only service so we can identify issues but as we have no access to your hosting we cannot do anything about the issue.

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What do we monitor?

We never store confidential data, the information we store is publically available, such as website load speed, domain stability, website uptime, SSL expiration and verification, malware/virus scans.

Our customers can ask us at any time to disclose any information we hold for their own website.

"Purple Prince are fantastic to work with. Our company has a busy multi-channel and multi-country e-commerce website - James and his team have a straightforward approach combined with deep technical knowledge that has given solutions to every problem we have thrown at them. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone that wants to take their online presence to the next level."

Tom Coulter, Director of Couture Kingdom UK and Zentosa Ltd

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