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Responsive Websites

Are you mobile responsive?

Mobile responsive simply means your website will automatically scale and fit any screen on any device seamlessly. Nowadays having a seperate mobile website is not great and it's your website should be fully mobile responsive.

Every website designed and coded by Purple Prince is mobile responsive as standard. 


Is it expensive to be responsive?

Not at all, by standard every website Purple Prince build for our customers is fully mobile responsive. There is no added premium for going mobile responsive as its taken as a standard.

Can I make my existing website responsive?

There is no definite yes or no to this question as it all depends on how your current website has been written. In the worst case scenario for customers who love their design, we can rebuild your website responsively using your existing website as nothing other than a design.

Responsive CMS powered by Concrete5

The Concrete5 CMS is revolutionary because it is fully mobile responsive. That means you are able to update your own website with content, images, videos, and hundreds of other things without having to worry about responsive design. The Concrete5 CMS will handle all of the responsive design automatically.

To find out more about Concrete5 click here


Do you need a responsive website?

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