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Our Process


We will meet with our customer many times to discuss ideas, and to ensure we have a good solid specification for us to start work on the project.


Our graphic designers will start working on a concept of design, this is based on the prior meetings and allow us to really grasp the visuals of the project.


Once a design is agreed our developers to start to turn the design into a full working website. This will only happen when a design is signed off.


Yay! You now have a fully working website, dont worry though our next part of the process is to design a support package to suit you.

What does the technical jargon mean?

Like every industry the development and design agency industry has our own jargon. Here are some of the keywords you may hear us using, This is what they mean so when you hear them you can know exactly what we are talking about.

Responsive Design

Responsive design means that the design will automatically fit the device you are using, so there is no need for seperate app or mobile website.


Development is the term used when our programmers start to code your website, Development begins as soon as the design is signed off.

Staging Site

A staging site is a nearly completed website that has been put online, it will allow our customers to look at the website and play with it before it goes live.


Search Engine Optimisation is building your website to the best practices set out by the search engine companies this means you site is more likeley to rank better on Google.


Every website needs hosting, hosting allows your website to be published to the world. If you didn't have hosting your website simply wouldn't be online.


CSS3 and HTML5 refer to the programming language we use to code websites, this is an industry standard and is used worldwide.