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Ongoing Website Support

Does your website need the help of a developer?

Just because we didn't build your website it dosent mean we can't move the website to our servers and take over as your new website development partners. This sounds scary but our experts can help you cut all ties with any existing hosting company and move you over to Purple Prince.

Once you have moved to us we can then put together a low cost tailor made support package to take over the support, upgrades, fixes and additional work on your website. We can do this on most platforms even some bespoke systems.

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What is a support package?

A support package is simply an agreement between oursleves and our customers. Our customers tell us what they'd like to receieve from us and we will create a tailor made support package to suit that customer, this may be for upgrades, graphic design, development, rebuilding the website or just the hosting.

Here are some of the things we often see in our support packages:

24/7 Telephone Support

Some customers love the ability to know that if something goes wrong they can easily pick up the phone and get put straight through to a technical person who can help and assist to resolve the issue.

Maintain Upgrades and Patches

Your website runs on a framework, its important to keep this framework up to date with the latest updates and security patches and hotfixes. We can ensure as soon as updates are released they are installed onto your website.

Reliable Hosting

So many customers are paying a fortune for hosting that is slow, unreliable or just overpriced. Our support packages can include 100% hosting costs and management of that hosting so you don't ever have to worry that your website will be offline or slow.

Live Monitoring 24/7

Is my website slow, is it offline? We monitor sites from over 25 locations accross the globe to ensure you website is always up and running and performing the best it possibly can. As soon as a blip happens we will know about it to solve the issue for you, even at 3AM in the morning!

Virus/Malware Scanning

There are some bad people out there who use vulnerbilites in website software to embed viruses or malware within your website. Sometimes they can even do it totally unnoticed. This can have a major impact on your google rank and even have your website suspended from google all together.

Dont worry though we monitor sites every 30 mins for malware or viruses and if a change occurs that seems suspicious dont worry, we will be on it like a shot to solve the problem and secure the vulnerbility.

Bundled Hours

With our support packages we offer the ability to add monthly bundled hours, for example 3 hours of work a month. These hours can be rolled over to the next month if not used and can be used for any of our services such as graphic design, web development, marketing, data manipulation etc.

Domain Protection

Your domain is precious and is important to your business, thats why some of our customers like us to monitor there domain every hour to watch for any unauthorized changes. As well as watching for changes in your domain registration we also ensure your domain will never expires without you knowing!

We also monitor your DNS to ensure your domain is always working properly.

Content Management

We appreciate you are busy and don't always have time to remember how to update your website, Dont worry you can have a support package that lets us maintain your content, annual changes, new images. This way all the work we do is guarenteed to be perfect and hassle free for you!

Backups and Disaster Recovery

The amount of times we hear customers say "If I only we created a backup!"
Dont worry backups are something we should worry about not you, thats why in our support packages we will ensure your website is backed up and retained regularly including all databases.

Should your website become hacked or defaced we can easily restore your website straight back to how it was from our backups, we then will work with you to find the cause of the attack and prevent it from happening again.

Interested in our support packages?

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"Purple Prince have been efficient and proactive in meeting all our deadlines. And there support on our commercial issues has added value to Screentec. I look forward to many more years working together "

Chris Malpus, Director of Screentec Ltd

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